Portable device for early detection of cervical cancer that provides immediate results using Biophotonics and Bioimpedance.

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Summary of the technology

This portable, non-invasive device scans different areas of cervical tissue, taking electrical measurements in different frequency ranges, optical measurements and wavelengths. The measurements are then processed by a configurable device or micro-controller in accordance with mathematical formulas obtained from multiple measurements taken from healthy and cancerous tissues.Three possible responses can be obtained immediately on the spot from the processing of the measurements: healthy tissue, cancerous tissue or the presence of human papilloma virus.


Description of the tech for sale

Cervical cancer is one of the most easy treatable cancers, yet somewhere in the world every two minutes one woman is diagnosed while another dies. This is because in developed countries only 40-50% of women who need Pap smears routinely get them. In emerging economies that number drops to an even lower and alarming 5%. This technology consists of a portable medical device for early detection of cervical cancer that unlike Pap smear, HPV tests, or biopsies, doesn’t require laboratory analysis or a tissue sample.

Mortality is rare among women of any age who have regular screenings. This reveals a palpable need for cost-effective, reproducible and non-invasive solutions. This device is designed to provide non-invasive screening with instantaneous results, eliminating costly, painful and unnecessary lab work.It aims to greatly reduce the fatalities contributed to this cancer by offering a safe, affordable, and non-intrusive testing alternative that will increase considerably the number of women getting screened and treated, hence preventing the propagation of this cancer before is too late.


This device uses electrical and optical spectroscopy, which are widely recognized as useful for early detection and diagnosis of cancer cells. The identification of various cell types is based on the response to a electrical stimulation and/or the intensity of light on said cells, thus the response to this stimulus depends on the structure and components of the cells. For instance, biological tissues have a characteristic electrical impedance which is a function of the frequency at which it is stimulated. The device also uses artificial intelligence to identify tissue as cancerous or pre-cancerous. It eliminates the need for human subjectivity as well as complex and expensive specialized equipment.

Main advantages of its use

  • It doesn't require a specialist to interpret the results.
  • Electronic and computerized process replaces the need to obtain tissue samples
  • Provides real-time results.
  • Process is non-invasive.
  • Portable device allows the screenings to take place in even the most unusual conditions.
  • Specificity and sensitivity greater than 85%, which are superior to the traditional Pap smear
  • Device requires minimal training and can be used by a nurse or semi-skilled medical professional


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  • Medical device suppliers

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