A new early diagnostic procedure to breast cancer.

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Summary of the technology

The ELISA kit (enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay) facilitates the early detection of breast cancer using the serum of both patients with and without breast cancer as new diagnostic early biomarkers. It is affordable in price, gentle, painless and does not require costly equipment. This is the first breast cancer diagnostic tool based on autoantibodies development.


Description of the tech for sale

Breast cancer is one of the number one killer cancer in women worldwide, with an incidence of 1.1 million new cases annually. It also affects men, albeit in lower frequency.

The purpose of this tool is to diagnose women and men at an early stage in order to achieve a timely diagnosis and a cure. The tool is based on the detection of autoantibodies in serum of patients with breast cancer as well as healthy patients, as new diagnostic early biomarkers. Antibodies development begins months or years before clinical diagnosis of the tumor, which makes the serum the perfect sample for the detection of autoantibodies (biomarkers) and diagnostic of early cancers.


The process consists of taking a blood sample from which the cells are eliminated and the serum is taken. The serum is deposited in the ELISA kit, where five antigens are identified to later determine if the cells are carcinogenic, based on the antibodies that the body's immune system generates.

Main advantages of its use

  • The device requires minor reagents.
  • ELISA reader is always available to the majority of laboratories
  • It is possible to get a diagnosis with just a blood sample
  • It does not involve an invasive or painful technique unlike a mammography or biopsy.
  • The patient is does not suffer uncomfortable medical practices
  • Checkups are easier and faster
  • The ELISA kit can detect a tumor when it is small enough to seek treatment and a cure


  • Breast cancer screening
  • Pathology
  • Preventive medicine
  • Clinical laboratory analysis

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