3D printer for the in-situ building of habitable modules with a raw mixture of binders and the soil of Mars

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Summary of the technology

A student of the University of Aveiro did the “spin-in” of an invention that started to be developed with the collaboration of teachers and investigators of several departments. The invention, that’s been arising interest in the business sector, locally and nationally, aims at the production of habitable modules using the soil in inhospitable locations, and it was specifically thought for Mars. The advantages of this process are the total automation, and it distinguishes itself from other solutions proposed until now for providing a closed construction, airtight, with total habitability, safe against cosmic radiation with other devices, and the possibility of holding distinctive functions. He University is looking for partners that may be interested in financing the development of this tool.

Main advantages of its use

This invention presents the following advantages in relation to currently existing Technologies: it dispenses the support of a surrowding structure that holds the extrusion mechanism, by being itself a self-supporting element of the structure of the module; it produces a closed final construction, airtight, impermeable to the atmosphere of Mars and to cosmic radiation without any other devices; the produced modules can hold several functions, and are recyclable with 100% automation.


The invention is framed by the domains of Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Electronics, Materials Engineering, Astronomy, Geology, Civil Engineering, and it is substantiates in a machine for cold extrusion of a semi-solid material (a.k.a. “3D printer”) for the in-situ building of habitable modules, with a raw mixture of any kind of soil, water and binders that must be specifically chosen according to each type of soil, in order to provide the best possible consolidation of the mixture.

This mechanism is essentially composed of a body that centralizes all command functions, called “Automatic Deployment and Anchorage Mechanism” or ADAM. When deployed on the ground, it will start its function of building an in-situ rigid modular structure than can have the shape of a dome or a cylinder.


  • Application for emergency aid in humanitarian crisis situations.
  • Application for space exploration.

Intellectual property status

Pending Patent.

Current development status

There’s a preliminary project. The current development stage has still little technical detail, and studies are ongoing about the state of the art relative to the several constituent parts of the mechanism.

Desired business relationship

University of Aveiro is looking for an industrial or scientific partner to further develop and implement the technology involving, possibly, a Licensing Contract; or a Private Equite investor to finance the development of the technology.

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About uacoopera

The University of Aveiro is a young and innovative university, which fosters entrepreneurship and technology and knowledge transfer, with expertise in a wide range of knowledge areas namely IT, Life Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Health, Environmental Sciences), Nanotechnology and Materials Science, Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics, Building, Design and Management. uacoopera is the Technology Transfer Office of University of Aveiro. This office engages in value adding activities such as start-up and spin-off creation, support to university-industry cooperation (sponsored research and consultancy services), IP protection and prosecution, licensing, marketing, among others. It covers four main interrelated functional areas – Intellectual Property Management, Licensing, Entrepreneurship, and Industry Liaison.


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