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Video surveillance system and intelligence monitoritation.

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Summary of the technology

GEINTRA is a research group from the Department of electronics of the University of Alcala. They offer solutions for video surveillance and intelligent monitoring from the information provided by different sensors. This technological solution can be use in different applications, among which highlights people detection and object identification and tracking. Their main advantages are its versatility to be used with different objectives and in different operating environments, the intelligence of the process and control system (extracting reliable statistics, position and orientation, size, counting, mobility and other physics of the object). The group is looking for security companies, companies working in events planning or gauging control, to achieve technical collaboration agreements.

New and innovative aspects

The proposed solution is characterized by the integration of the information provided by different types of sensors (microphones arrays, video cameras and depth cameras) which allows obtaining visual, depth and acoustic information from the scene. This approach eases obtaining the information about objects and people within the environment (physical characteristics, identification of activities, etc).

With the proposed solution new applications contributing to new systems for the human or robot activity recognition (including wheel chairs) can be developed in any sort of environment in a reliable way.

There are many research projects with similar objectives but one differential aspect of this solution is the cooperation of different technological sensors (multimodal). Their fusion allows making use of the sensors complementarity. These are significant advantages to obtain environmental information, conduct training processes, extracting features of different objects, and making the semantic description of those people present in the environment, their activities and relationships, and the detection of anomalies. And all that with higher reliable rates compared to other alternatives.   

Main advantages of its use

The technology developed and the versatility of the sensing elements which can be integrated allows working in a wide array of applications and operational environments.

As well as the fact of being our own technology what makes us able to work in custom developments, as opposed to the standard closed systems available in the market.


The technological solution offered is characterized by the use of non invasive sensors. They can be located in any environments of interest: microphones arrays, video and depth cameras (time of flight cameras) including the fusion of information provided by each of them.

The extraction of attributes is made from the information obtained by the sensor system. With that information we can make the identification, localization and tracking of objectives (multimodal information extraction), the extraction of physical attributes (presence and characterization of users, and other acoustic or visual elements and events of interest), and the extraction of semantics related to the appearance or basic human behaviors (e.g. fall detection).

The selection of the sensors to be used and the information fusion strategy, will depend on the system objectives (objects and people detection, behavior information extraction, privacy considerations, etc.), on the environmental conditions (illumination changes, absence of visible light, indoor and outdoor scenarios, etc.), and on the environment characteristics (space size, objects size, the population to be monitored, etc). As an example: the use of time of flight cameras allows to obtain information of the environment without invading the users privacy, what is very interesting in many applications.

This technological solution can have many different applications in several sectors: Homes’ monitoring and surveillance (with security aims, monitoring of elderly users of users with disabilities, etc), people counting for capacity control, railway systems control (object detection on level crossings, tunnels’ entrance and exit, people counting at the entrance and exit of passengers, etc.).


  • People detection and object identification and tracking.

Intellectual property status

Secret know how

Current development status

Development phase

Developed, available for demonstration

Desired business relationship

Companies working in events planning or gauging control, to achieve technical collaboration agreements.      

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  • Planning and security
  • Automation, Robotics Control Systems
  • Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
  • Audiovisual Equipment and Communication
  • Other scanning related (including optical mark sensing and image processing)
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  • security
  • interaction with the environment
  • behavior and activity monitoring.

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