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Improved procedure to obtain active principles in Aloe leaves

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Summary of the technology

A technology based firm, set up by researchers of Alcalá University, has developed a procedure to obtain active principles from Aloe leaves. With this procedure, a product with pharmacological, cosmetic and nutritional use is obtained. The resultant product could have therapeutic and/or food properties. Toxic compounds as phenols are removed. The researchers are interested in join venture and/or manufacture agreements.

New and innovative aspects

The use of this method allows obtaining a product free of Aloe’s toxic compounds, that could produce allergies and other metabolic disorders. The use of this technology also follows the European regulation related to the allowed concentration of aloins in products coming from the Aloe.

Main advantages of its use

In this process a fast, economic and efficient method is described, in order to separate and recover phenolic substances (as aloins), that in some uses can be harmful or toxic, and at the same time, to obtain actives substances with high nutritional and therapeutic interest.


Aloe is a plant from Asphodelaceas family, with hard and fleshy leaves, arranged in cloverleaf or in alternative way, with lance shape and a prickle on the vertex and many of them on the sides. There are more than 350 species, but only few of them have principles with curative properties. There are several commercial products coming from Aloe that came from leaf’s exudates, epidermis and pulp or gel (as popular medicine has named them).

There is a main interest in obtaining, pure active principles from Aloe, for a therapeutic purpose.

Both in therapeutic and food use, one of the most important problems in preparations coming from Aloe, are the undesirable effects of some of its components. In this way, the existence of aloins and related compounds is a serious problem that limits a more extended use of Aloe juice as food additive.

The improved system of obtaining active principles from Aloe leaves is based on the acquisition of a product with a possible pharmacological, cosmetic and nutritional use and with therapeutic and/or food properties. In this process a fast, economic and efficient method is described, in order to separate and recuperate phenolic compounds (as aloins), that can be damaging or toxics in determined uses, and obtaining actives substances with high nutritional an therapeutic interest.


  • Pharmacology, cosmetic, nutrition and agro alimentary sector.
  • Stydy of  the viability of the concrete product that would include the active ingredient from Aloe Vera and its commercialization in the market. 

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