Auto-assemblable RJ45 male connector

Summary of the technology

On the one hand, the invention does not require a crimp tool, which is ideal for cabling operations that require quickness. On the other hand, the innovation allows reusing the RJ plug as many times as required until properly assembling the copper pairs. Furthermore, the connector incorporates an identification by color codes for wiring according to the ANSI/TIA-968-A-2002 standard, which is ideal for people with limited dexterity on IT.

University of Huelva

Description of the technology

The main aim of the present invention is a self-inserting RJ male connector which fits the invention in the technical field of telecommunications, integrating the areas of computer and electronics, more specifically on aspects related to communication networks cabling. Self-inserting RJ male connector comprising a concave U-shaped base and a movable cover characterized because that lid is hinged to the base through a pivot axis; and which further comprises means for anchoring the cover to the base.


ANSI is collected by the TIA/EIA/IS-968 standard and modified by the ANSI/TIA-968-A-2002 standard. The standard defines both the construction of physical connectors and cabling design for the connection of telecommunication equipments. These connectors include Ethernet networks, phone terminations and other network services such as ISDN, T1/E1, and even RS-232. For each service the wiring, electrical connections and type of connectors (e.g., RJ-11, RJ-14, RJ-21, RJ-45) are defined. The male connector typically has four to eight pins (of 2-4 pairs) or electrical connections used as ends of twisted pair cables. The arrangement of electrical connections is defined according to the T568A and T568B schemes. Cables with commercial goals do not require any manipulation by users and include both cable and RJ male connectors at each end. Commonly, when the process is manually performed for the connectorization of an IT network, special manufacturing tools are required. The professional crimp tool is typically the element of higher cost. Furthermore, the use of crimpers requires high accuracy and practical. Several steps are required when inserting the wires of twisted pairs into the RJ male connector: untwist the pairs, match an equidistant section of the wires, presentate the threads on the rails according to standard colors (T568A or T568B), set the PVC coat according to the neck, and crimp the connector wires. Moreover, the RJ male head can not be reused once the cable is crimped in the connector (properly or not), thus being disabled due to the pressure that the insertion tool makes on the metal contacts biting the threads. Therefore, this task is usually relegated to professionals who require specific training. So, it would be desirable to have a connector according to the RJ interface used in the IT industry and not need to use a crimp tool (with the subsequent cost saving). It would also be desirable a minimal preparation required by professionals and the reuse of connectors in case of wrong cabling.

Main advantages of its use

  • Time reduction on wiring operation
  • Cost saving on crimp tool
  • RJ connector reuse
  • Higher usability by unskilled staff


  • Telecommunications
  • Communication networks cabling

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Related Keywords

  • Telecommunications, Networking
  • Electronic circuits, components and equipment
  • Apparatus Engineering
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  • Information Technologies
  • RJ Connector

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