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Method for determining the entropy increase in volume and entropy flow through a surface

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Summary of the technology

Potential applications in the domain of thermal machines, refrigeration systems, chemical processes monitoring become feasible. Energy and exergy yield precise knowledge is necessary in these applications. An accurate direct entropy measurement would be convenient but no commercial sensors are available.

Description of the tech for sale

A simple method for measuring entropy variations in a heat source and entropy flow in a surface is proposed. It is based in pyroelectric sensors that convert thermal energy into electrical current. From the well-know second law of thermodynamics, entropy measurement arises as an unexplored parameter in the measurement technology field, with plenty of room to become a successful tool for thermal processes characterization.


The proposed technique use pyroelectric sensors to monitor time-dependent heat and temperature variations either in a volume or in a surface. Sensor entropy variation is inferred from heat and temperature data. Convenient thermodynamic models allow relating sensor entropy with heat source entropy. Film technology is flexible enough to incorporate the sensor practically everywhere. Data processing can be performed in simple electronics board.

Main advantages of its use

  • Direct entropy measurement
  • Direct entropy flow measurement


  • Battery manufacturers
  • Thermal engines
  • Refrigerating systems
  • Heating systems

Related keywords

  • Electronic measurement systems
  • Batteries
  • entropy
  • Measurement

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