Automatic QR code scanner fast to read the bar code on the tag,quickly judge cylinder's legality.

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Summary of the technology

Automatic QR code scanner is quite popular used in carousel gas filling center,thousands to ten thousands of gas cylinders will go the filling center to refill LPG everyday.Manual scan with low efficiency,automatic Reader is quite necessary.


Quit manual input tare weight of gas cylinder

1.Install automatic reader on the side of conveyor.

2.When empty cylinders go onto conveyor,automatic scanner will read the tag,and judge cylinder’s legality.

*Legal cylinders-Go to Gas refilling center

*illegal cylinders-Be automatically pushed out to maintenance point

3.Legal cylinders go to carousel filling center,the tare weight has been automatic upload to the Cloud server because of previous scan.No need manual entry the tare weight one by one,it waste so much time,labor and easy prone to error.


One of the advantages of bar code installation is that no one is required to input the tare weight of the gas cylinder, which reduces manual input errors and improves accuracy and efficiency.

In addition, the use of bar code for gas cylinder tracking, is cost-effective and reliable method.

PDA scanning is more suitable for small gas station.

Automatic scanning is more suitable for large gas stations and filling.

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About XiangKang

We provide professional pre-sale,after-sale,and implementation support.
Every year we have strong investment in R&D.
We have systematic product workshop.

XiangKang is the first leader soluiton supplier for Chinese Bureaus of Quality and Technical Supervision about LPG cylinder tracking and management,interlocking automatic filling scale and government supervision network platform.

Over 40% gas station in China use our products,and more than 70 millions gas cylinders installed with our barcode tags.

Gas Cylinder tracking Durable QR bar code tags

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