Permanent QR Tag with cylinder series number digitised complete cylinders life cycle

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Summary of the technology

We successfully developed permanent bar code labels for gas cylinders, which use corrosion resistant metal as matrix and integrate bar code information with ceramic glaze. It’s designed to last outdoors for 20-30 years.

The special bar code labels produced by Xiangkang have competitive prices and are being used by more than 3000 filling stations around the country.
In the recent ten years,there are more than 70 millions gas cylinders in China have been installed our durable bar code tags.

There is no doubt that the quality and life time of our bar code labels could satisfy the real usage of gas cylinders.

Our typical customer is TotalEnergies,Rubis,Proto Energy,Xpress,SCG,FOGAS,Messer, SHV, Praxair,Air liquid,Coca cola, and Pepsi etc.

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Details of the Technology Offer

Barcode tag best choice suited for cylinder tracking:

1. Outstanding high temperature 800°C resistance.

Don't need to take down while maintenance and repair cylinders.

2. White base, black bar code, easy to read.

3. Excellent image resistance to damaging UV exposure, 20 years practice proof .

4. Ceramic layer protects the image from chemicals abrasion.

5. Unbreakable ceramic technology, little bit bend is available.

Xiangkang gas cylinder tracking software helps you manage your gas cylinders easily and effectively so you can reduce replacement costs, increase rental revenue and boost customer service.

With xiangkang gas cylinder tracking software you can:

• Reduce costs by having to replace fewer gas cylinders

• Easily know the whereabouts of your entire cylinder fleet

• Track gas use & loss and analysis statistics

• Deploy your gas cylinder assets more effectively

• Quickly identify missing cylinders

• Record proof of delivery by capturing e-signatures

Welcome to talk more by,whatsapp:+86 15021345915.

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About XiangKang

We provide professional pre-sale,after-sale,and implementation support.
Every year we have strong investment in R&D.
We have systematic product workshop.

XiangKang is the first leader soluiton supplier for Chinese Bureaus of Quality and Technical Supervision about LPG cylinder tracking and management,interlocking automatic filling scale and government supervision network platform.

Over 40% gas station in China use our products,and more than 70 millions gas cylinders installed with our barcode tags.

Gas Cylinder tracking Durable QR bar code tags

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