System of distributed irrigation monohatch with manual or automated operation.

Summary of the technology

- Design of a unique floodgate that allows the motorized activation to close and to open the water flow, with simple possibility of manual use by workers nonspecialized.
- Design of a device of division of volume to direct the water to different furrows without intervention from worker and modification of the irrigation ditch to adapt to the joint operation of floodgate and splitter of volume.
- Design of an electromechanical and/or electronic controller of the irrigation system that allows the automatic operation of the system.

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

Description of the technology

A research group from the department of Geology of the University of Alcala has developed a system of irrigation based on the cut of the current in the irrigation ditch by means of the only hatch, provoking the increase of the water level until it reaches one or two divisors of wealth. The group seeks to reach agreements of license and commercial agreements with technical assistance with companies of the agricultural sector.


This technology is an irrigation system based in cut the current of the irrigation ditch by means of the only floodgate to causing de elevation of water level up to rise de edge of the irrigation ditch. In order that the overflow was controlled, the lateral walls of the irrigation ditch raises just over the edge of the irrigation channel. The present invention is made of three different subsystems: Subsystem 1: Floodgate automated with possibility of manual utilization. The designed floodgate is a mechanic construction characterized to the be equipped with an horizontal groove in the top part where is stayed a slide cylindrical bolt and it permits to be mounted and dismantled manually. The groove allows the big screw glides when this one rises or goes down along the groove in a non lineal trajectory trough the action of a rod, it is actioned by a servomechanism of low tension and low consumption for its use by means of batteries that can be recharged trough solar energy, aerogeneration or hidrogeneration The floodgate has an overflow pipe so that the flow is superior to the admitted or if there is any obstruction, the water polls against in the irrigation channel by the Posterior part of the floodgate without possibility of out of control of the overflow. Also it has the utility of designs the distributor of wealth of agreement to the volume of wished irrigation. His construction can carry out with sheets and normalized profiles assembles trough clinches leaving a vertical hollow space everything along the guide of the floodgate to install a resistor cable that in case of temperatures below the freezing-point of the water, it generates the sufficient heat to avoid the freezing in the mentioned guide with the consequent blockade of the hatch. Subsystem 2: homogeneous distributor of flow. The system is concrete technology and factory work, is designed fundamentally for its application in irrigation distributed by means of the division of the volume in a certain number of fractions and its conduction by means of flexible tubes until the furrows that are desired to water. To obtain this aim it’s necessary to build a divisor of flow, for which the necessary number of tubes must be placed perfectly aligned and to be fixed parallel in a perfectly solid way, later to consolidate the whole block forming a module that allows its later placement and fixing on the edge of the irrigation channel. The installation of the flow divisor must be realized bearing in mind all the orifices of entry of the assessor must be perfectly aligned horizontally, so that the water level on having risen reaches all simultaneously and distributes of uniform form the flow between them. In order to avoid possible cloggings of the tubes by elements transported by the water he is advisable to install in front of the entrance of a these simple basket of mesh of inferior light to the diameter of the tubes hung of the edge of the irrigation ditch. Subsystem 3: control system of irrigation. It is an electronic system that it has as functions the flexible programming of the moments and durations of the irrigations as much of independent form as by means of control by a computer signal. It has a hand control that it allows to choose between the forced irrigation (always closed floodgate), annulled (always opened floodgate) or programmed. It is equipped with three indicating pilots of function: red (annulled irrigation), yellow (forced irrigation) and green (programmed irriga

Main advantages of its use

  • As final actuator has chosen an electromagnetic relay that allows the use of any necessary voltage for the activation of the servomechanism of floodgate performance.
  • It can settle in pre-existing irrigation ditches without altering the structure constructed.
  • The height of the floodgate leaves the servomechanism outside the reach of the water.
  • The possibility fits of installing a resistor cable that, in case of temperatures below the point of freezing of the water, generates the sufficient heat to avoid the freezing.
  • The system allows to choose between its manual or automatic operation.


  • The research group looks for commercial agreements or licensing agreements with companies from the agricultural sector.

Additional information (attached documents)

Attached documents

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