System and method of acquisition of samples at different depths for automatic and real-time monitoring of water quality in an aquatic environment

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Summary of the technology

The system and method of acquiring samples at different depths, for the automatic real-time monitoring of the water quality in an aquatic environment, consists of a set of modules that allow to collect waters of different depth levels in the column of a aquatic medium, cyclically and lead them to a measurement module, where the sample is analyzed by means of different water quality sensors, sending this data through a communications system to a database or server. This would be done autonomously through a control module and an energy system that allows the cycle of measurements to be carried out periodically or under the orders given through the communications system. The measurement cycle ends with a cleaning phase for optimal maintenance of the system sensors.


Details of the Technology Offer

Thanks to this invention, it is possible the acquisition of environmental data at a very high rate and reliability, portable multi-sensory platforms, obtaining results more quickly, in situ, in real time and periodically. This will also reduce the laboratory analysis costs and sampling time, as well as an improvement in water quality management processes.


The invention fits within any sector of activity related to the monitoring of water quality parameters in aquatic environments, both at a continental level and in marine aquatic environments. The main potential uses are control of eutrophication, control of emerging pollutants, control of heavy metals and drugs, and other harmful substances. With this system of monitoring and acquisition of samples, all the economic and ecological problems in water management derived from these cases could be avoided.

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Related Keywords

  • Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems
  • Environment
  • Marine Environment
  • Monitoring equipment
  • sensors
  • water quality
  • physico-chemical parameters
  • on-site
  • comunication system
  • analysis of data
  • aquatic environment
  • sample acquisition


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