The complete Eco-fertilizer based on sewage sludge and by-products

Summary of the technology

The subject of the offer is the sale of rights to use the know-how or a license the technology of the production of multi-component mineral-organic fertilizers with the content of main nutrients above 20%, with a composition dedicated to specific plant crops (corn, sunflower)

Cracow University of Technology

Details of the Technology Offer

The main raw material for the production of fertilizers is sanitary safe dried sewage sludge meeting the requirements for the content of heavy metals. The production process consists in enriching the dried sewage sludge with minerals derived from conventional and alternative raw materials and granulating the obtained mixture. The process carried out in accordance with the developed technology ensures a homogeneous product with good mechanical properties and sticking to the requirements for mineral-organic fertilizers in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of June 18, 2008 on the implementation of certain provisions of the Act on fertilizers and fertilization, i.e .:

• organic matter content above 20%,

• minimum nitrogen content 1%, phosphorus as P2O5 - 0.5%, potassium as K2O - 1%,

• absence of Salmonella bacteria and live eggs of intestinal parasites Ascaris sp., Trichuris sp., Toxocara sp.,

• heavy metal content not more than 5 mg Cd, 140 mg Pb, 100 mg Cr, 60 mg Ni and 2 mg Hg per kg DM.

The products meet the requirements for the content of main nutrients for multi-component mineral fertilizers, which should not be less than 20% of NPK. This compliance has been confirmed in an accredited laboratory at the Testing and Certification Department in Piła of the Polish Center for Testing and Certification.

The obtained fertilizers are characterized by the content of the main nutrients corresponding to the requirements of specific plants (corn, sunflower).

The results of the pot tests carried out confirmed the very good agricultural efficiency of the fertilizers. Fertilization with the developed fertilizers causes an increase in maize biomass by 96-138% and sunflower biomass by 23-56% compared to the control sample.

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