New Derivative of Lupeol for cosmetic applications

Summary of the technology

We are seeking for cooperation partner to develop the manufacturing of cosmetic products based on New Derivative of Lupeol

Cracow University of Technology

Details of the Technology Offer

The subject of the offer is the sale of rights to use the patent or a license for New Lupeol Derivative; this invention have not been described in the literature so far.

The compound is obtained as a result of the modification of the natural structure of lupeol (triterpene alcohol) found in birch bark.

The NLD is an active substance of the developed emulsion recipes intended for intensive regeneration of the skin and acceleration of the damage process. Molecule showed the ability to induce cell proliferation at the level of 134.1%, comparing to 89.2% of virgin lupeol.

The recipes developed by Cracow University of Technology meet all the requirements for products placed on the cosmetics market and have completed a set of tests confirming their physicochemical and functional properties.

The new lupeol derivative has been tested for the safety of use on cultures of human skin cells. The invention has been granted 3 patent rights in Poland: No 230996, 230997 and 230998.

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Cracow University of Technology

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