Bioactive and biodegradable haemostatic agent for emergency applications

Summary of the technology

We are seeking for cooperation partner to develop the wound dressing of chitosan based biodegradable biomaterials with enhanced haemostatic and antibacterial properties.

Cracow University of Technology

Details of the Technology Offer

Our aim was to develop and commercialize novel wound dressing with haemostatic activity based on chitosan aerogels with enhanced antibacterial proprieties. These biomaterials have a great potential to fill an empty gap in the market of first aid medical devices applied during various accidents as well as during surgeries accompanied by intense bleeding.

Product may be applied in two different ways:

-powder/granules for first aid haemostatic agent dedicated to individuals (including domestic applications), military, emergency units and others due to its fast and easy application and the possibility of use under non-sterile conditions, dedicated to massive bleeding, sharp, deep wounds, gunshots

-patch- for broad and shallow wounds.

Chemical structure rich in hydrophilic functional groups enables platelets and erythrocytes adhesion which is crucial for haemostasis retrieval. The material has the swelling degree up to 1400% after contact with blood, enabling artificial clot formation and enhancing fibroblasts proliferation. High porosity combined with physical crosslinking followed by lysozyme incorporation enables biodegradation acceleration which is up to 40% of the weight loss during 24h. There is no need to remove the dressing for further treatment of the wound. Material keeps its properties in lower temperatures and is efficient is case of Hypothermia. Thanks to the use of fungi chitosan, it does not cause allergies.

Cracow University of Technology is a IP owner of the following patents and patent applications:

- „Method for producing chitosan aerogel” Granted patent number 235195

- „Method for obtaining chitosan-based bioactive hemostatic agent and chitosan-based bioactive hemostatic agent” patent application number P.433975,

PCT application number PCT/IB2021/054169. (deadline: 14.11.2022 r.)

Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

Patent number : 235195

Where : Poland

Patent already applied for

Patent application number : P.433975

Where : Poland

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Cracow University of Technology

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