ViTAM, Videoconferencing multiplatform solutions

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Summary of the technology

The main innovation aspects in ViTAM are the following:

- Simple and usable user interfaces. User interfaces are asymmetrical, differing from the patient and the professional. While the patient’s interface is extremely simplified, the professional’s side keeps a slightly higher complexity to keep control of the videoconferencing. This approach facilitates at most the use of technology by non-experts.

- Specially designed for medical and social consultations. It implements two innovative operation modes not available in the market: the online consultation with waiting room and the videoconferencing call centre (coming soon).

- Multiplatform and Multidevice. It is multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and multidevice (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

- Easy integration. It can be easily integrated in or with other applications, as well as connect with external services (e.g. electronic health record, calendar).

- Customisation. It can be customised not only in terms of graphical user interface but also in the workflow so as to implement new personalised videoconferencing scenarios.

- Single and multiple videoconferencing. It offers 1 to 1 videoconferencing and multivideoconferencing in a single and unified interface.

- Privacy. It ensures privacy protection by providing communications and data protection and enables its deployment on certified medical data management servers.

- Sensors. It can be implemented as a background application running on the device, which can receive incoming connection requests, which can be useful when linked to sensors data alarms (e.g. blood pressure).

Description of the tech for sale

ViTAM (Video Teleassistance and Monitoring) is a set of teleassistance tools mainly devised to eHealth and social environments. It can be run on PC, tablets and smartphones running Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. ViTAM can be used in eHealth and social services to provide different services such as teleconsultation, centralised 24h attention, teleassistance for travellers, teleassistance for chronic or impaired patients, support to users with social needs, impaired users monitoring, intrahospital communication patient-nurse, and training or rehabilitation group sessions, among others


Videoconferencing is based on webRTC and works in the web browser (Chorme and Firefox) and as a native application in smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). Both versions (browser and tablet) are fully interoperable.

Main advantages of its use

  • Simple and usable user interfaces
  • Specially designed for medical an social consultations
  • Multiplatform and Multidevice
  • Easy integration
  • Full customisation
  • Privacy enabled


  • teleconsultation with waiting room
  • 24h call center
  • teleassistance for travellers
  • teleassistance for impaired or chronic patients
  • teleassistance for users with social needs
  • telemonitoring for impaired users
  • patient-nurse intrahospital communication
  • training or rehabilitation group sessions

Related Keywords

  • Electronics, IT and Telecomms
  • Biological Sciences
  • Communications
  • Medical Health related
  • Computer related
  • videoconferencing
  • Android
  • iOS

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