Label Free Detection and Imaging of Biofilms

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Summary of the technology

University of Southampton are leading developers of Raman scattering based and other label-free detection and imaging technologies .For label-free non-culture based direct detection they have developed a novel spectroscopic methodology that can identify and differentiate bacterial biofilms at the genus, species and the strain level, as desired.
Their Raman capability also allows the quantification of composition and purity of treatments or therapeutics, without and within biofilms

Details of the Technology Offer


Devices that are portable, robust and that can provide point-of-care diagnosis (for triage) or in-line analysis are under development. These have a unique capability for rapid, multimodal, label-free imaging that can provide chemical and structural composition of biofilms including matrix and microbes. These could be immensely useful for clinical and industrial applications to understand, visualise or monitor the effect (and changes pre- and post-application) of drugs or treatments.


As an example, their imaging capability can allow the visualisation of penetration of drugs into biofilms or other biological matrices (such as in-vitro models, skin) non-invasively, non-destructively and in real-time, if so desired. They are already taking these technologies nearer to the patient in an NIHR-funded AMR (anti-microbial resistance) laboratory at the University Hospital Southampton. This patient-line-of-sight facility will enable clinical feasibility testing of their easy and simple diagnostic test(s) on patient biofluid samples and enable studies on therapeutic benefit.


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  • Detection and Analysis methods
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  • Biology / Biotechnology
  • Medical imaging
  • Clinical Medicine
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