Wastewater treatment installation in small towns

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Summary of the technology

Researchers from the University of Burgos have developed an installation for the purification of wastewater in small towns, offering an economic and environmental solution, with multiple advantages. In Spain, 47% of the municipalities have less than 500 inhabitants, the possible beneficiaries of this technology.

New and innovative aspects

The installation of the wastewater treatment plant can be adapted to the problems of small towns in the national territory. It is of simple construction and ease to operate, it does not need electricity consumption for its operation; and it has very low maintenance costs. In addition, it offers the possibility of using the biogas generated. In particular, the multi-stage installation, four successive stages connected in series, allows a considerable improvement in the physical-chemical quality of the water treated in the installation.

Main advantages of its use

  • This wastewater treatment plant develops the biological activity of microorganisms, achieving higher percentages of organic matter reduction, in addition to retaining non-sedimentable solids.
  • Compared to aerobic systems, the growth rate of anaerobic microorganisms is lower than the growth rate of aerobic microorganisms, which translates into less sludge production, prolonging the operating period of the installation without the need for purge sludge to prevent its collapse.
  • The use of anaerobic digestion avoids the need to aerate the water with blowers or air pumps.
  • Anaerobic digestion allows organic matter to be converted into biogas, a renewable energy source that can be used to generate energy in the form of heat or electricity.
  • Ease of construction.
  • A pumping system is not necessary to circulate the water from one stage to another, but the natural unevenness of the terrain is used.


The wastewater treatment installation is based on the use of multi-stage hybrid anaerobic reactors, made up of four successive stages connected in series, where the first three of these successive stages are configured as a hybrid anaerobic reactor, the last stage operating as a decanter. The latter favors the retention of particles that can escape from the first three stages, improving the quality of the treated water. In addition to the advantages, it allows to obtain an efficient wastewater treatment system, with high performance of the physical-chemical quality of the treated water and very little sludge production.


Potential applications of the installation are as follow:

  • Wastewater treatment in small population centers.
  • Economically efficient wastewater treatment.
  • High physical-chemical quality of the treated water.

Intellectual property status

Protected by patent P202031093

Current development status

Device already developed and validated for industrialization.

Desired business relationship

Commercial Agreement, License Agreement, Technical Cooperation: further development; Technical Cooperation: testing new applications; Technical Cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

Intellectual property status

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The aim of the The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the Univesidad de Burgos is to promote Innovation technology through the reseach results transfer and the conexions between the University and the new needs and requirements of the society - we are the link between the University and the Industry. Contact person: José Manuel López (jmllopez@ubu.es)


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