A functional Beverage Mix (soup or healthshake) made from sprouts

Summary of the technology

A delicious and high protein instant beverage mix made from a sprouted and pre-cooked base of millets, grains and legumes that is devoid of the nutty grain flavours, thereby enhancing the mouthfeel. It takes on the taste of any natural milk flavour like cocoa, vanilla, strawberry, etc or soup flavours like tomato, spinach, pepper, cinnamon and other spices. The well-calibrated combination of millets, grains and legumes gives a more complete nutrition profile of fibre and micro-nutrients with over 15% protein and can be extended to 33% with additional plant or animal proteins. Addition of Functional ingredients to this base multiplies the product variant possibilities manifold. The products have received good market traction with good reviews and over 40%+ customers reordering.

Vihaan Natural Healthcare P.Ltd
Vihaan Natural Healthcare P.Ltd
Vihaan Natural Healthcare P.Ltd
Vihaan Natural Healthcare P.Ltd
Vihaan Natural Healthcare P.Ltd

Details of the Technology Offer

The formulation and process on offer make a highly nutritious and palatable carrier for functional ingredients in a consumer-friendly ready-to-drink form. 

On its own, the product is very satiating, nutritious, deliciously palatable functional beverage meal. It is made from a well-calibrated combination of sprouted grains, millets and legumes to meet over 20% of the recommended daily allowance of nutrition. The nutty flavour of grains and millets is well-masked so it takes on the natural vanilla, cocoa or any fruit flavour for the beverage. This formulation is suitable for strengthening the gut, immunity, good skin and hair, quick satiety and overall health.

There is the flexibility to incorporate locally grown ingredients to make it sustainable, save costs as well as enhance the brand appeal.

The formulation ensures a good balance of high-quality protein and micro-nutrients. Sprouting enhances the bio-availability of nutrition especially Anti-oxidants which is 

 Variant A

Act Value / 100g


Calories from Fat0Kcal

Total Fat0.86g/100g

Saturated Fat0.19g/100g






Total Carbohydrate57.15g/100g

Dietary Fibre6.29g/100g



Vitamin E33.56IU

Vitamin B20.0587mg/100g



As a full-fledged career woman and a mother of two fast-growing kids, I was always on the lookout for easy and quick foods that were healthy and approved by my fussy eaters. Moreover, as my younger one was asthmatic, I also wanted foods without preservatives and artificial colours or flavours. Since none of the packaged foods satisfied these criteria, I dug up the traditional healthy recipes with locally grown ingredients that I grew up on. However, juggling between work and home, I did not have the time and leverage like my grandma to cook elaborate fresh foods day-in and day-out. So, I quit my Corporate job to research and develop these recipes into modern easy-to-consume packaged foods without preservatives and artificial flavours.

The outcome was a range of beverage meals made from sprouted millets, grains and legumes that were rich in nutrition and took on delicious flavours that were gulped down willingly by kids and adults alike. One serving of the thick shake gives good satiety and fullness for a couple of hours. Moreover, the combination of millets, grains and legumes gave a complete protein profile. Sprouting reduced the oligosaccharides by 90% and enhanced the bioavailability of iron, calcium and other micro-nutrients also increasing the anti-oxidant value of the end-product.

This product is most suited in today’s times when consumers are looking for ways to build their immunity.

In the New Normal, consumers are increasingly leaning towards preventive wellness. Moreover, the Work-from-Home environment and restrictions on outside movement have brought about limitations on eating out. The dependence is therefore on fresh home-cooked meals. However, managing full work hours and house-work plus cooking with limited external help is taking its toll on people. So, simple, naturally healthy and quick to consume satiating foods are the need-of-the-hour.

The quick-to-consume beverage meal comes in handy for a working lunch, replacing the unhealthy pizza, sandwich take-away office lunch options that one was earlier at the liberty to order-in.

Addition of functional ingredients like curcumin, ginger, cinnamon, moringa, seaweed, algae, yoghurt etc that are getting increasingly popular in the New Normal, will enable expansion of the product portfolio manifold. 

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for

Patent application number: 2705/MUM/2015

Where: India

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About Vihaan Natural Healthcare P.Ltd

Manufacturer of health foods and functional beverages. Extensive R&D and consumer-focused organisation with the vision of "bringing the traditional and healthy Grandmom recipes, from farm to work desk, in modern ready-to-eat/ready-to-drink formats for the fast-paced health-aware global consumer"

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