Amnon Michael Cohen

Making Boats FLY and Ships SURF

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Summary of the technology

We have developed a yet new original "discovery-based phenomenon" into a highly beneficial innovative product line that can be added to any and all existing boats vessels and ships, as well as developed the most advanced "superior hulls design" for the best exploitation of this highly beneficial, safe, and tested technology. We have already registered but have not yet published the patent, expecting to do so with the needed sought commercial partner.

Amnon Michael Cohen
Amnon Michael Cohen
Amnon Michael Cohen

Description of the technology

We are seeking a suitable commercial partner for the colaboration of introduction of a major beneficial technology in the maritime industry, suitable mostly to major boats' manufacturer, shipyard, shipping company, defense establishment, maritime distribution company, and maritime investor.

Patent application in place, market-ready project, as a special rewarding collaboration partnership opportunity.

Superior Hulls Inc. Canada/Israel

Technology Owner

Amnon Michael Cohen


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About Me

Scientist from Israel

Primarily, developer of new advanced maritime technology plus universal automation developer of discovery-based innovations of yet new inventions - employing the wisdom of pre-patent protection.

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