Amnon Michael Cohen

Owner at Superior Hulls Inc

Israel · HertzeliaJoined November -0001


Primarily, developer of new advanced maritime technology plus universal automation developer of discovery-based innovations of yet new inventions - employing the wisdom of pre-patent protection.

Work Experience (2)


elf Employed

February 1968 - July 1975

Victoria BC Canada

Real Estate Marketing


Superior Hulls Inc

May 1974 - Present

Crofton BC Canada

After first retirement, I formed my own private R&D company to develop my discovery based inventions.

Academic Studies (1)

Naval Engineer

Naval Engineering

September 1958 - June 1962

Marine Engineering

3rd class marine engineering

Research areas of interest (33)

  • Electronics, IT and Telecomms
  • Design of Vehicles
  • Shipbuilding
  • Traction/Propulsion Systems
  • Industrial Technologies
  • and 28 more

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Never before, and where no existing patents exist in this art and its very special 'patentable' beneficial and safe, tested advantages. Tested Safe Commercial Benefits Surf, Lift & Fly, on waters, with your Watercraft, Vessel, Ship, including Seaplanes. Superior Dynamic Stability with signifi[…]

We have developed a yet new original "discovery-based phenomenon" into a highly beneficial innovative product line that can be added to any and all existing boats vessels and ships, as well as developed the most advanced "superior hulls design" for the best exploitation of this highly beneficial, sa[…]

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