Production of chymosins from camel and bovine origin using recombinant yeast strains

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Summary of the technology

The use of chymosins for the production of cheese and cheese derivatives from milk has been known for years, and nowadays this technique has completely substituted the use of calf rennet. Biochemize SL has developed several recombinant yeast and bacteria strains able to express chymosins from bovine (chymosin A and chymosin B) and from camel origin, with very good expression levels (between 0,1 and 3 g/L) and activity.

Biochemize SL
Biochemize SL
Biochemize SL

Details of the Technology Offer

Biochemize SL has developed several recombinat strains from the genres Kluyveromyces, Pichia, Aspergillus and Corynebacterium (all approved by fod regulations) that can express the genes that encodes for the enzymes chymosin A and chymosin B from bovine origin, and chymosin from camel origin. All of therm show very good expression levels (between 0,1 and 3 g/L) and activity; and the enzymes obtained are very active (between 220 - 350 IMCU/ mL, International Milk Clotting Units)

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About Biochemize SL

Biochemize SL is an small biotechnology R&D company (founded 8 years ago and with a team of 10 persons) located in Barcelona that is focused in the development -from basic research to scale-up and industrial production- of bioprocesses (using enzyms and/or microorganisms, wild and/or engineered for the production of APIs and all kind of high value molecules, instead of using chemical synthesis, with higher yield and lower operational cost and environmental impact. The company has its own lab facilities, and participates in public funded research projects, at european and international levels.

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