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Production of D-panose through an innovative microbial fermentation process

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Summary of the technology

D-panose (α-D-Glucopyranosyl-(1->6)-α-D-glucopyranosyl-(1->4)-D-glucose) is a high value tri-saccharide molecule that has been proposed as a low caloric content sugar (i), as a promoter for probiotics (ii) and having outstanding anti-oxidant. anti-tumoral properties (iii). Currently this rare sugar is obtained by chemical synthesis, and this is the reason for its extremely high cost/ price (1) and poor industrial uses (2). At Biochemize SL we have developed a (very simple) production process that leads the production of high pure (more than 99%) D-panose, through a microbial fermentation process using a recombinant bacteria strain engineered by us, at a significantly lower operational/production cost. We offer this process to be operated by/ be licensed to a manufacturing company operating in this area.

Biochemize SL

Description of the technology

The production process developed uses pullulan (a very cheap polysaccharide) as raw material and the engineered microbial strain that expresses the genes that encode for the enzymes that lead the conversion can convert pullulan into D-panose in a < 99% conversion degree. Then, the purification process lead the production of a 99% pure D-panose. This proces is operated in a one-pot process mode, and takes 24  for the growing-up of the bacterial culture, less than 10 h for the conversion of pullulan into D-panose, and 12 h for the final purification step.

The process has been operated at 2 L reaction volume, and it is easily scalable, up to 200 - 1000 L of reaction volume.

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trade secret, pending to start patenting actions

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Other : Joint venture for the industrial production at higher scales and pattnering agreement for the commercialization worldwide

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Biochemize SL

Small and Medium Enterprise

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About Biochemize SL

Small and Medium Enterprise from Spain

Biochemize SL is an small biotechnology R&D company (founded 8 years ago and with a team of 10 persons) located in Barcelona that is focused in the development -from basic research to scale-up and industrial production- of bioprocesses (using enzyms and/or microorganisms, wild and/or engineered for the production of APIs and all kind of high value molecules, instead of using chemical synthesis, with higher yield and lower operational cost and environmental impact. The company has its own lab facilities, and participates in public funded research projects, at european and international levels.

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