Microbial extracts from saline marshes with outstanding moisturizing, UV-filter, wounding care and metal chelant properties

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Summary of the technology

Saline marshes are natural environments with hard conditions supporting life due to the high concentration of salts. Thus, microbial flora surviving there needs to develop high performance molecular mechanisms to retain water against osmotic pressure. Biochemize has developed a low-cost and non-invasive process for the isolation of those microorganisms and to obtain from those biomass extracts (containing high amounts of carotenes, licopenes and flavonoids, among other) with high capacities for the retention of water (much higher that those from hyaluronic acid), for filtering UV-radiation, for wounding care, and with outstanding properties as anti-oxidants and/or metal chelants. Applications for pharma, cosmetic and agrofood industries are proposed. A first set of studies of the properties of these extracts is available.

Biochemize SL

Details of the Technology Offer

Natural sea salt production in salt marshes is a process where sea water circulates from basin to basin. Due to the influence of sun action and wind, water evaporates and salt concentrates into to the crystallization basin from which it is recovered.

Some microorganisms, called Halophiles, have developed adaptation strategies that enable them to live in environments where salt concentration can attain even five times the sea salt concentration. Such microorganisms can be found in sea salt marshes and also salt lakes.

There seems to be little in common between a human being and a microorganism that lives in salt marshes, but they have a similar challenge: fighting against dryness. To compensate the deleterious effects of the extreme conditions halophile secretes exopolysaccharides and glycoproteins building a protective shield surrounding them.

This constitutes an interesting characteristic to consider these compounds as potential cosmetic ingredients for skin care or other high-value purposes within the pharma or agrofood fields.

Biochemize S.L.has developed a new green process designed to recover the compounds presents on the environment where halophilic microorganisms live. Among the different compounds recovered, it is worth mentioning a concentrated extract with a high content in glycoproteins. According to several preliminary tests conducted by Biochemize S.L., this product has shown potential cosmetic applications that could be used as a moisturizing, UV-protection, antioxidant and chelating agent.

Biochemize’s natural bioproduct is initially intended to be used in cosmetic formulations to improve skin health, although other applications within the pharmaceutical and agrofood fields are also of interest.

Biochemize has conducted a number of laboratory tests to determine the product characteristics, performance and potential applications, which are described in the attached documents.

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About Biochemize SL

Biochemize SL is an small biotechnology R&D company (founded 8 years ago and with a team of 10 persons) located in Barcelona that is focused in the development -from basic research to scale-up and industrial production- of bioprocesses (using enzyms and/or microorganisms, wild and/or engineered for the production of APIs and all kind of high value molecules, instead of using chemical synthesis, with higher yield and lower operational cost and environmental impact. The company has its own lab facilities, and participates in public funded research projects, at european and international levels.

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