Immunoglobulin Y Purification, Its Products And Uses

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Summary of the technology

This invention describes a purification process of immunoglobulin Y from egg yolk in three stages, by applying precipitation methods, liquid-liquid extraction and ultracentrifugation. The present process allows to obtain immunoglobulin Y of high quality and with a purity >95%, in a simple and economic way, and applicable at an industrial scale.


Description of the technology


The use of antibodies in scientific and medicinal applications has been increasing in the last decade. However, the production cost of antibodies with high purity, namely immunoglobulin Y (IgY, antibody present in avian egg yolk) is higher than other therapies, due to the lack of an economic and efficient purification method.

With this invention it is possible to obtain IgY with high purity (>95%) through a simple and economical process, adaptable at an industrial scale.

Selective precipitation methods of the target antibody, which may disturb their activity, and expensive chromatographic processes are not used, being these methods the most currently applied for the purification of IgY.


The present disclosure will allow IgY to be used in two distinct areas.

- As biopharmaceuticals to treat a wide range of diseases,

- In the formulation of food supplements, as it may strengthen the immune system of humans and other animals.


Immunoglobulin Y (IgY)


Purification process



Liquid-liquid extraction



TRL 4: The present invention was optimized on a laboratory scale.


Portuguese patent application filed (115031; priority date: 20-09-2018).

International patent application filed (PCT/IB2019/057994).


Licensing agreement.

Joint further development.

Testing of new applications.

Adaptation to specific needs.


The University of Aveiro is looking for a partner in the field of commercialization of purified IgY since the application of the process proposed in the present invention will allow to purify IgY with a high purity and at a lower cost.

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