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Myt-healer: a new potent wound healing peptide

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Summary of the technology

CSIC and the University Miguel Hernández
have developed a minimal peptide core from the M yti lus
galloprovidencialis Myticin C peptide with unique in vitro and in vivo wound healing and regenerating

Industrial partners from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry are being sought to collaborate
through a patent licence agreement.

An offer for Patent Licensing

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Myt-healer, a wound healing short peptide

Effect of Myt-healer on the HaCat monolayer on an induced injury Dictated by continuously exposure to biological, chemical and physical aggressions, mussels have acquired a battery of defense weapons, such as Myt-C of Mytilus galloprovincialis.
Myt-C is a cysteine-rich peptide with known in vitro antibacterial, antiviral and chemotactic activities which is heavily produced upon tissue injury.
In vitro wound-healing assays and in vivo zebra fish regeneration studies showed a unique Myt-C biocompatible healing activity.
Myt-C healing function has been mapped in a short and easy to synthesized peptide sequence (Myt-healer).

Main innovations and advantages

· Myt-healer is a short peptide, easy to synthesize · Myt-healer can be used both in aqueous solutions or as a part of areleasing device.
· Myt-healer activity is retained in the presence of serum components.
· Myt-healer shows a strong wound healing: 5 μM Myt-healer seals theinduced injury in HaCaT (Culture Human Keratinocyte) monolayer in24 h.

Intellectual property status

Granted Patent
Spanish priority patent application

Granted Patent
Spanish priority patent application

Technology Owner

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

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