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Embedded System for Developing Real TIme Applications (SEDATIR)

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Summary of the technology

SEDATIR lets us monitor a real-time application to get a better throughput because the tasks do not include any additional code (library) and the monitoring is done when the routines of the operating system are executed.

SEDATIR shows graphically a temporal evolution of the different tasks when they are running on the external platform (see Additional information paragraph). By means of this graphic the user can see the state (run, wait, ready, idle, inside of a critical section) in which each of the tasks is in a specific instant of time.

SEDATIR adds a real-time operating system to the application developed by the user.

Description of the technology

A Spanish research group of Computer Engineering Department of Alcalá University has developed a technology for developing and testing real-time applications embedded in an external platform (SEDATIR). It is a research and development tool, whose objective is to provide of necessary and basic functionality for analysis, scheduling and development of real-time embedded applications. The group looks for technical cooperation and commercials agreements with technical assistance.


The system provides a Man Machine Interface (MMI) running on a PC under Linux or Windows operating system in order to interact, monitor and configure via a serial link, a real-time application embedded in an external platform. SEDATIR is mainly composed of two separate blocks: - The Man Machine Interface (MMI) - The operative block in charge of managing the whole functionality associated to MMI. The operator shall load the real-time application divided into a fixed-number of tasks to the operative block by means of the MMI. Next, task characterization such as –temporal constraints, task types and used resources– and access protocol to resources, if any, must be specified. Therefore, the main purpose of SEDATIR is to let a real-time application be executed in an autonomous external platform governed by a specific microcontroller. Using this tool, the operator is only in charge of designing and coding its own particular application and with the help of SEDATIR, a customized Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) will be added with the purpose to schedule correctly the whole original application in order to be compliant to temporal restrictions.

Main advantages of its use

  • Better quality and reliability of the developed real-time system
  • Cost reduction
  • If SEDATIR is used in the Engineering department of a company, it would contribute to the following competitive advantages:
  • Temporary reduction of the development phase
  • The development team would exclusively have to worry about the specific development of the real-time application based on independent and synchronized tasks, without managing and scheduling the available hardware resources, since this work would be done by the real-time operating system generated by SEDATIR.


  • Also, the later maintenance of engineering that needs the applied technology, giving technical attendance to the product, on the part of the company, after its commercialization.
  • The asked for technical cooperation is the technical consultation of concrete requirements and the technical development of tests and training necessary to adapt the technology to the necessities of the company.

Related keywords

  • Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems
  • Some other electronics related
  • Automatization
  • robotics control systems
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  • real-time systems

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