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Summary of the technology

Functional coatings based on biopolymers obtained from renewable sources.
Edible coatings for enhancing of shelf-life and quality in food.
Functional coatings for glass and metal based on sol-gel chemistry.

Details of the Technology Offer

Functional coatings based on biopolymers obtained from renewable sources:

- Chemical transformation of residues (bio-diesel, fatty acids, seaweed, etc..) into water-based resins.

- Water-based polyurethane resins with high solid content and improved performances (high gloss, scratch resistance, easy to clean, etc...)

- Synthesis of functional coatings for wood and plastic composites based on biopolymers and of functional coatings for glass and metals, based on sol-gel chemistry.

- Synthesis of thermoset adhesives for wood particle boards. Non-isocyanate polyurethanes (NIPUs).

- Formulation of acrylate emulsions for thermal and UV curing adhesives

- Characterization of the developed coatings

- Deposition of coatings by dipping, spin coating, spraying or electrodeposition

Edible coatings for enhancing of shelf-life and quality in food:

- Formulation and characterization of edible films and coatings with antimicrobial and antioxidant and barrier to gas properties.

- Micro andnano encapsulation of ingredients.

- Food ingredients extraction.

- Determination of parametersphysico-chemicals ( WTR, OTR, viscosity, etc...), components (HPLC, GC-MS) and nutritionals of food products (TBA)

- Development of alternative and natural methodologies to extend the food shelf-life

Functional coatings for glass and metal based on sol-gel chemistry:

- Synthesis of inorganic and inorganic/organic coatings (SiO2, TiO2,ZnO and derivatives)

- Surface modification of substrates: Wettability, corrosion protection, release properties, surface energy, hardness, scratch and wear resistances, transparency and photocatalytic activity

- Increasing active surface by including mesoporous substrates. SBA-15, TiO2 andsimilars

- Deposition of coatings by dipping, spin coating, spraying or electrodeposition

- Development of thin films, thickness <200nm

- Coatings cured at low temperature (<150ºC) or by UV treatments

- Surfaces Self-cleaning by means of photocatalytic or superhydrophobic coatings

- Roughness surface modification if needed

- Characterization of coatings: SEM, AFM, Raman, FTIR, adhesion, friction coefficient, wear rate, transmittance, refraction index, thermal characterization, electrical conductivity.

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