C4Mir - Control module for multiple mixed-signal resources management

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Summary of the technology

An innovative and patented technology for mixed-signal testing and measurement for long-term sensor-based monitoring and I2C or I3C based solutions.

C4Mir module and method of operation can be used for initialization, measurement, and resource management through mixed-signal analog bus scheduling, synchronization and group addressing for built-in calibration strategies for example.



Circuits components and sensors are vulnerable to aging, usage, among other environmental and physical issues that may negatively impact their function. Data reliability problems may arise what is particularly relevant in long-term safety-critical applications such as in medical, aerospace and automotive electronic systems.

Data reliability issues have been addressed using ad hoc strategies or a mixture of standards mostly direct to digital scenarios. However, these technical solutions do not completely solve the problem in multi-sensors applications comprising both digital and analog signals such as in wearables.

Therefore, C4Mir technology and its new method of operation tackles the limitation of multiple element accessibility and controllability on traditional communication buses such as I2C (I3C), SPI, 1149.1, 1149.5, and wrapper style strategies such as 1500 and P1687. Moreover, this INESC TEC’s technology allows using the widely adopted I2C bus as part of a flexible long-term solution strategy involving monitoring, self-calibration, built-in self-testing, measurements and/or group synchronization.

Main Advantages:

  • I2C multiple core/instrument accessibility
  • Synchronized access
  • Extension to analog and/or digital elements
  • Speeds up communication
  • Facilitates inter-module sequential and instantaneous operations
  • Reduced resource consumption
  • I2C broadcast level addressability expansion


  • Embedded instrument test and/or synchronization
  • Sensor network management
  • Built-in system testing
  • Wearable technology management / testing / synchronization

Current development status:

Laboratory prototypes

FPGA-based implementation of multiple modules and I2C arbitrer module with external access to internal registers, counters, and flags through a USB connection and custom GUI. A Usbee ZX module was utilized as a I2C bus master.

Verilog of I2C with SCPS expansion tested through external I2C and visualized internal registers.

Intellectual property status

Related Keywords

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