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High precision High speed Robotic Laser cutting for Metals and Plastics

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Summary of the technology

Using a patented robot encapsulated Beam guide system Jenoptik can offer robot laser cutting of 3D Metal and Plastic parts. High accessibility due to the fact that there is no external beam delivery (e.g. no fiber or no mirror arm).
High speeds of up to 300mm/sec
Laser power of up to 4kW
Beam source can be selected based on application (e.g. CO2 Laser for plastic cutting; Fiber Laser for metal cutting)

Jenoptik Automotive North America

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Jenoptik Automotive North America

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About Jenoptik Automotive North America

Mid-Market Company from United States

Jenoptik manufactures products and applications across the entire value chain for your laser material processing – from individual components to complex laser systems.

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