Adaptation of a learning platform to the personal needs of the student. Improvement of the accessibility for disabled people in online education.

Summary of the technology

Researchers from the Automation Department of the University of Alcalá present a new technical solution for adapting a learning platform to the personal needs of students, so that students with hearing and / or hearing problems can work in an environment adequate to guarantee the understanding of the information.

They look for companies that develop learning platforms, teaching centers or academies interested in reaching collaboration agreements, license agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI
Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

Details of the Technology Offer

The present invention relates to a method for adapting a learning platform to the personal needs of students.

This is a procedure for adapting the Moodle learning platform through which students with vision and / or hearing problems can introduce a personal profile of accessibility that allows the system to identify the problem.

When the student selects a specific educational resource, the adaptations belonging to this resource that suit his / her personal needs are shown. In addition, teachers are authorized to publish adapted material associated with original content (video, subtitles, audio description or sign language).

Parallel to this resource, another one runs in background: the refresh of the web cache of the student's computer with those resources adapted to their personal needs that have been updated by the teacher and that have a high probability of being selected by the student in their next actions. All of this will allow a saving of time when the student presses on the next targets of learning since these could be of great size and consume an extra time in the download.

The server 1 governs the execution of the procedure, supports the reading of the personal needs that the student introduces and the loading of the learning targets by the teacher, harbor the database of learning targets and their adaptations, establishes the channels of communication necessary for the exchange of information between the servers and manages the refreshing of the web cache on the student's computer. The software installed on server 1 has been mostly designed independently of Moodle technology, allowing its reuse and system scalability. Server 2 supports databases of students' personal needs and digital resources, making them portable to any other system, being this, the main reason why an exclusive server has been used for this purpose.

The system has been designed in a robust and scalable way to allow future extensions such as the following: allow adding new forms of functional diversity, new accessibility metadata, expand accessibility metadata values ​​spaces, reuse in new learning platforms with minimum changes due to its independence of the technology used.


The learning platform has been adapted following the latest version of the IMS AccessForAll version 3.0 standard, that provides greater facilities of use of the application.

The data models have been reduced considerably, allowing a greater understanding of students and teachers.

It allows the student to select more than one value in the metadata value spaces, creating a profile more adjusted to reality.

It offers the possibility of generating student profiles automatically.

In case of manual creation of profiles, the tool fills in automatically the most of the accessibility metadata based on the basic metadata entered by the student.

The system performs an efficient search and visualization and / or download of the adaptations that meet the student's profile (previous articles do not show this phase of adaptation)

Two MySQL databases have been introduced that not only efficiently manage profiles and digital resources, but also allow them to communicate with other systems such as repositories and other learning platforms thanks to the chosen technology and the software implemented.


- Simplicity of data models

- Possibility of extensions to new types of functional diversity

- Possibility of communication with other applications

- Saving the waiting time by downloading the learning objects, since they were previously downloaded in parallel with other tasks.

Current development status

Finished technologies


Education and Training, e-learning platforms, teaching centers or academies

Desired business relationship

Technology selling

Patent licensing

Technology development

The researchers look for companies that develop learning platforms, teaching centers or academies interested in reaching collaboration agreements, license agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.


Intellectual property status

  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :The patent has been requested from the OEPM with reference P201700320

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