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New Nanoporous Graphene material

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Summary of the technology

A bottom up unique method build the holy graphene from molecular blocks. The molecular blocks used define the size and shape of the pores, which are identical with atomic precision. We can also control the chemical functionalization of the material.
This material has semiconducting properties with a bandgap similar to Si, opening new applications for graphene-based materials.
This new material can be used for sieving, sensing, (opto)electronics or its combinations.

Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia

Description of the technology

Researchers have devised a flexible method for the bottom-up synthesis of nanoporous graphene. Grow to order from molecular building blocks, the result is a range of versatile 2D membranes with high-density periodic arrays of subnanometer pores fabricated with atomic precision and full control over its chemical functionalisation. It is a totally new material which adds tunable permeability and semiconductivity to graphene properties, opening it up to new multifunctional applications that require pores, a bandgap, or both.


(opto)electronics:as field.effect transistor (FET) for flexible transparent electronics, and near infrared and visible optoelectronics based on gate- modulated plasmonics.

Membrane applications:the mechanical properties of the material point to its use as a highly selective molecular sieve. This selectivity can be enhanced through the design of the building blocks.

Multifunctional applications:emerge from the combination of mechanical and (opto)electrical properties, for example in gate-controlled sieveing and sensing (FET sensors) or in gate-controlled electrical DNA sequencing.

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About Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia

Technology Transfer Office from Spain

ICN2 is a highly specialized and renowned research centre. Its research lines focus on the newly discovered physical and chemical properties that arise from the fascinating behaviour of matter at the nanoscale. The patrons of ICN2 are the Government of Catalonia, the CSIC and the autonomous University of Barcelona.

The Institute promotes collaboration among scientists from diverse backgrounds (Physics, chemistry, biology, engineering...), to develop basic and applied research, always seeking for interactions with local and global industry. ICN2 also train researchers in nanotechnology, develops an intense activity to facilitate the uptake of nanotechnology in industry and promotes networking among scientists, engineers, technicians, business people, society and policy makers.

The recent discoveries in nanoscience might suppose a change of paradigm in areas as relevant as medicine, energy or microelectronics. The excellence of research developed at ICN2 has an enormous potential to change our everyday life. For this reason the institute is deeply involved in strategic international initiatives such as Graphene Flagship, being one of its nine original promoters.

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