Supervision System through artificial vision to monitor children when traveling in Child Retention Systems

Summary of the technology

The research group of the University of Alcalá, "Recognition and Multisensory Analysis", has developed a system of supervision through artificial vision, to monitor children traveling in child retention systems, alerting the driver of possible situations of risk.
The group is looking for automotive companies, road safety, child retention systems manufacturers or telecommunications companies, interested in reaching agreements of collaboration, license or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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Details of the Technology Offer

For the first time, a monitoring system is developed, which applies artificial vision and artificial intelligence techniques, to accurately monitor the pose adopted by a child traveling in a Child Retention System, notifying the driver immediately of the risk situations.

The device monitors the child continuously, automatically detecting his head, and estimating his pose accurately, while locating the different parts of the body (torso and upper extremities) and some fastening elements of the Retention System. The system is therefore capable of detecting, in this way, situations that entail risk for the child, such as, for example, an incorrect head position, or if the child has slipped out of the safety belts.

The system has one or several sensors for capturing images, such as RGB cameras (Red, Green, Blue), time of flight, depth, etc…and an appropriate processing architecture, or the connectivity that guarantee it, in case of having to send the images to an external server for its treatment. The interface system allows the driver to be informed of the detected risk situations, either through audible alarms or through the vehicle's information systems.

The present invention has its field of application in the field of road safety in general, and child retention systems for vehicles in particular. Also, within the field of information and communication technologies, especially in artificial vision solutions embedded in mobile platforms for monitoring of minors.


As a major innovation with respect to the state of the art, the present invention is the first to focus on the monitoring of the child traveling subject in a retention system. Unlike other similar technologies that only focus on the analysis of the driver of the vehicle (attention, fatigue, etc.) and what happens in the environment of the vehicle.

Furthermore, unlike other inventions identified during the study of the state of the art, the present invention monitors the head pose of the child traveling in a retention system, detecting dangerous positions in case of accident and notifying the driver.

This invention goes further, since it allows to monitor not only the head but also the different parts of the body of the child, such as the torso and upper extremities, and the safety belts, to alert if the child has got rid of them or if they are in an wrong position.


This system can be implemented in any architecture for image processing that can be embedded in a vehicle.

It uses only artificial vision techniques and artificial intelligence, so there is no need to use additional mirrors or anti-escape systems. Only the proposed system.

Its final industrial implantation supposes a low economic cost and a normal difficulty of development.

Current development status

Finished technologies available for demonstration

Desired business relationship

Technology selling

Patent licensing

Technology development

The group seeks to reach collaboration agreements, patent licenses or commercial agreements with technical assistance, with automotive, road safety or telecommunications companies or manufacturers of Child Retention Systems.

Intellectual property status

  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :The application has been requested to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM), on the 29th of March of 2017, with the application reference P201700319

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