Carbosilane dendrimers with terminal thiol groups on their surface. Their preparation and their uses.

Summary of the technology

The research group in «Dendrimers for biomedical applications» of the University of Alcalá presents the procedure for obtaining and using carbosilane dendrimers with terminal thiol groups on their surface, as antioxidants and radical scavengers for their application in the food industry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.
The group seeks to reach licensing agreements, collaboration agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance, with enterprises from the food industry, cosmetic, biotechnology, Biomedicine or pharmaceutical sector.

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI
Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

Details of the Technology Offer

The present invention gives rise to highly branched dendritic macromolecules synthesized from a polyfunctional nucleus, called dendrimers, of carbosilane structure, that is, they contain in their structure silicon-carbon bonds and functionalized in their periphery with thiol groups. In addition, the invention provides a process for obtaining them and their uses as antioxidants.

By "carbosilane dendrimer" refers to a branched spherical macromolecule, where the growth core of the dendrimer is polyfunctional, the units, branches or branches of growth have carbosilane skeleton and the outer layer, surface or periphery of the dendrimer incorporates functional groups. This surface or periphery would correspond to the extremities of the ramifications.

By "polyfunctional nucleus" is meant a polyvalent element or compound covalently linked to at least two branches, that is, it must at least be divalent.

The dendrimers of the invention can have application in different fields such as cosmetics, among which its use as antioxidants is worth mentioning since they can protect products that are particularly sensitive to oxidation. For example, in hair care compositions such as shampoos, lotions, gels, emulsions or hairsprays, which can be applied before or after different hair treatments, such as dyeing, wicks, hair discoloration, as well as permanent or smoothed among others.

They can also be used as antioxidants in skin care products or makeup products, in mascara for lashes and eyebrows, anti-aging creams, lengthening the durability of lipsticks, eye shadows, blushers, eyeliners or nail polish. Also in the care of the skin as constituents of lotions, creams and milk cleansing.

Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

Patent number : The patent has been granted with publication number 2543640 and publication date 08/20/2015

Where : OEPM Spain

Current development status

Laboratory prototypes

Desired business relationship

Technology selling

Patent licensing

Technology development

Other : The compounds of the present invention are potent antioxidants and free radical scavengers. That is why the research group seeks to reach licensing agreements, cooperation agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance, with companies in the food industry, pharmaceutical or cosmetic sector.


There are not many dendritic systems containing terminal thiol groups described in the literature to date. These dendrimers:

- Respond predictably in solution

- They can be extensively modified to carry multiple ligands with biological activity

- They can cross biological barriers

- Nothing similar has been found in patent databases

- Nothing similar was found in the scientific literature consulted

- Nothing similar has been found in a full search report


- Dendrimers are multivalent systems that allow the incorporation of multiple functionalities -SH on the surface of a single molecule increasing the concentration of active centers per molecule and therefore enhancing the antioxidant capacity of the system.

- In addition, they can be used as anchoring platforms for different molecules through click chemistry processes such as the addition of thiol-ene

- The commercial thiol derivatives used in cosmetics have the inconvenient of the characteristic bad smell of the compounds with sulfur, while in the dendrimers referred to in this invention, that odor is much less intense, being more pleasant its use.

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