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Summary of the technology

Bacteriorhodopsin (BR) is the newest biotechnological product that will make a revolution in many spheres of life: from medicine to defense. Data on the production of the BR in the world is hidden. From open sources - the only seller (and, possibly, producer) is an American company SIGMA, selling BR for research.
We offer developed strain of BR. A method of producing allows to get BR in large quantities to several kg.
The strain is certified and stored in special depositories.
BR has unique qualities - the main one is - memory. For BR, it was necessary to find a special strain - producer of BR. Just several countries has the strain (USA, Russia, ..), other data hidden. We also developed such an unique strain.

Details of the Technology Offer

Applicability of technology in various fields/industries

By the end of the 20th century, bacteriorhodopsin (BR) was used experimentally as a generator of electricity, in accumulators of memory (50 TB), sensory and bioelectronic devices such as accelerators of various processes in computer science, biotechnology, agricultural complex, genetic engineering, medicine. In the United States – was widely used for special coverage of aviation as protection against radar and radar installations, etc.

Estimated price per unit in USD

The official price of 1 kg BR available on the market starts from 250 million USD/per kilo.  Our technology and production method allows to get cost up around 100 thousand USD/per kilo, based on the figures calculated on the basis of receipt of the BR at the pilot plant we involved. Proper market research and calculation were not conducted.

Preffered form of realization is to organize production on existing pilot production that is proper equipped. Its also possible to sale of patents, all the documentation, all the "know-how" and the strain of BR itself.

The verification carried out at the University of Barcelona (Spain) - in 1998, post-soviet Union - 2007 and 2010, India and Taiwan – 2010.


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Where : EU

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