Age, growth and feed analysis from teeth images, applicable in palaeontology and the forensic industry

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Summary of the technology

Teeth analysis using software to obtain information from palaeontological remains by semi-automatic image processing. This way the human error due to the repetitive works are minimized. Moreover, it can be used in forensic odontology.


New and innovative aspects

It is possible to obtain relevant information about our predecessors’ way of life through the teeth image analysis. Mainly the age, nutrition problems during its growth and the diet can be estimated. Thus, it is possible to make guesses about its life, behaviour and environment.

The new analysis method uses semi-automatic image treatment modules. This avoids the human mistakes often committed during this analysis based in a repetitive process.

For each module, marks and indicators of feed or growth problems are identified in a semi-automatic wayinstead of current solutions. Now an image treatment is needed with a posterior identification and analysis.

Main advantages of its use

  • Semi-automatic teeth surface images analysis
  • Increase of dental analysis speed.
  • Decrease of analysis mistakes.
  • Decrease of analysis duration.

It is important to remark that this analysis do not substitute the professionals who are essential to get results, but erases the possibility of getting human mistakes in repetitive tasks.


Semi-automatic software that has various modules to obtain information from a dental analysis:

  • Age estimation. In first place, a reconstruction of the global image of the teeth is done from various microscopic frames.

In second place, an analysis of the marks in the teeth are made, obtaining what’s known as the perikymata rings. The thickness of those rings, is characteristic for each specie and informs about the age or problems during growth.

  • Estimation of feeding problems. In this case, a selection of the upper and lower mandibles is made from a radiography, separating them by a spline. A posterior image processing, locates the teeth separation to distinguish it. Further analysis is made detecting scratches.
  • Diet estimation. In this case, the image is treated and relevant lines are traced to detect marks and estimate hominids diet.


Palaeontological teeth analysis. It could also be usable in forensic odontology. More data could be required in this second case.

Intellectual property status

Intellectual property registered BU-75-17, BU-76-17 and BU-77-17.

Current development status

Continuously improving software.

Desired business relationship

Commercial agreement; License agreement; Technical cooperation: further development; Technical cooperation: testing new applications; Technical cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

Related Keywords

  • Physical Sciences and Exact Sciences
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