Electrochemical sensor for the “in situ” detection and measurement of chloride ion in fluid samples

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Summary of the technology

This patented technology is focused on the development of a sensor for the detection and determination of the chloride ion content in fluid samples. This determination is of interest in the diagnosis of diseases, like for example cystic fibrosis, and in the analysis of samples, both food, pharmaceutical and environmental.


New and innovative aspects

his new technology allows carrying out the chloride ion measurement without the need to add any reagent, without producing interference and increasing the range of its possible applications, such as: cystic fibrosis diagnosis, analysis of food and pharmaceutical samples, etc.

Main advantages of its use

The developed sensor, which solves the disadvantages of already known sensors, (complex preparation and limit of application), is characterized by being very simple, easy to use, economical and with more sensitivity and versatility. As it presents a low cost, it is possible using it only once as well as being reused more than 100 times without affecting its operation.

Regarding to the sensors based on potentiometric methods, the sensor developed in this patent needs less reaction time, only 20 seconds. It can be used in a greater number of matrixes and of more complexity. The addition of electrolytes is not needed, process that requires more preparation in the analysis.


he sensor is made up for three electrodes, produced by silkscreen printing, on a plastic sheet, of a conductive ink of platinum (for the conductive sections, the auxiliary electrode and the working electrode), facing those based on carbon usually used, and with a Ag/AgCl ink (for the reference electrode). The method includes an activation step, a calibration step and a measurement step. The electrochemical reaction, that takes place on the platinum surface, produces signals that are registered in a voltammogram.


It presents a high responsiveness in:

  • Diagnosis of diseases related to low or high concentration of chloride ion in different biofluids, such as cystic fribosis, etc.
  • Food and beverages industry, like for example, the determination of sodium chloride (salt).
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Environment, such as studies of water pollution.

Intellectual property status

Protected by patent P201830271.

Current development status

The sensor is developed and ready for being used when connected to a potentiostat.

Desired business relationship

Commercial agreement; License agreement; Technical cooperation: further development; Technical cooperation: testing new applications; Technical cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

Intellectual property status

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