Technologies for the improvement of the mobility of people with motor affectation

Summary of the technology

The research group "Multisensorial analysis and recognition" from Alcalá University has developed different technologies: a walker, a wheelchair for children of early age, a multisensory cabin and a spoon, to improve the lifes of people with certain motor affections.

These inventions are part of the "Padrino Tecnológico Program", which has been designed by the research group itself, to raise funds for the development and adaptation of technical aids that cover the needs detected in people with low personal autonomy.

The group seeks collaboration agreements with institutions or companies that want to be part of the "Padrino Tecnológico Program”:

The group also want to reach license, collaboration, manufacturing or commercial agreements with technical assistance with orthopedic companies, medical equipment, and health technologies.

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI
Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI
Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

Details of the Technology Offer

There are many public or private centers, associations and foundations that have already get involved to the "Padrino Tecnológico Program" by signing a collaboration agreement with Alcalá University. These agreements do not compel these institutions or companies to dedicate resources to the program, although it is important to make diffusion to promote fundraising.

The "Padrino Tecnológico Program” is supervised by a steering committee made up of ambassadors (people in a personal capacity as well as agents of institutions committed to trying to attract donations). These ambassadors agree to become part of the committee with some functions like: budget approval, account supervision, approval of donations to institutions and attraction of funds.

In addition to the aids described below, there are others promoted by the program such as the lectern, the adaptation of toys or digital board support. The main technical aids are:

Walker for the improvement of the mobility of people with some motor affectation. This walker incorporates a guide for the legs that improves the maneuverability of the users, and also is accompanied by an electronic that allows the configuration of basic actions. The walker can be adjusted to the height of the child, allowing to configure different positions as well as adapting to the different weights of the user. The structure is made up of three distinct parts: a structure with wheels that provides stability, a harness with leg brace that supports the child and an electronics that provides functions added by software.

Portable multi-sensory cubicle that allows users with serious cognitive and / or physical conditions to receive an individualized multisensory stimulation.

It is easy to transport and store, and its structure of felts can isolate relatively the user. In this way, different methods of multisensory activation of the user are combined in an integrated way, providing him with auditory, optical and tactile stimulus.

The cubicle contains folding panels, felt pieces or opaque fabrics, an exterior decoration for tactile stimulation of the user, as well as an opening in one of the sides of the structure that allows to incorporate a tablet or digital device for the visual stimulation of the user. At the same time this tablet can be connected to a control electronics allowing amplification of the sound to act on the speakers - and LEDs inside the cubicle. In addition, it is possible to interconnect several multi-sensory cubicles, just in case that it is desired to increase the size of the cubicle.

Electric wheelchair for children between 2-5 years of small size that allows the child to sit. It is characterized by its small size and it is easy to disassembly. It is supported on two axles with wheels, housing in the rear axle two electric motors that allow the mobility of the chair. In addition, the structure allows to accommodate the system of power batteries and a joystick that allows its control.

Intellectual property status

Utility models with publication number ES1138935 U and ES1104783 U

Current development status

Developed, available for demonstration

Desired business relationship

Patent licensing

Technical cooperation

Commercial agreement with technical assistance

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Some of the services offered by this office are specified in the following list:

- Promotion of R & D and improvement of the relationships with companies.
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