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Summary of the technology

The developed solvent-free technology allows API synthesis under microwave irradiation with high purity and efficiency in a very short time. Its advantages include the absence of toxic solvents, an easy way to isolate products from the reaction mixture, significantly reduce the amount of additional technological operations, reduce production costs and increase work safety. The technology can be used on an industrial scale.

Description of the technology

Currently, the technology is tested in APIs from the LCAPs (Long Chain Aryl Piperazines), but studies suggest that, depending on demand, it can also be used in the synthesis of other compounds. The developed solvent-free API synthesis technology in the presence of microwave radiation is non-toxic, and only water is used to separate the product, which is fully attributed to the so-called. Green chemistry. So far, tests have proven that in many cases API synthesis can be carried out without the need to separate intermediates, thus reducing the amount of process technology in the process.

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Cracow University of Technology

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