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Risk management of the effects of solar activity: Device and procedure of obtaining in real time and high resolution, the Local Geomagnetic Disturbance at middle latitudes.

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Summary of the technology

The research team specialized in Space Meteorology within the Space Research Group of the University of Alcalá, has developed a device and procedure that, based on the measurement of the local geomagnetic field, is able to estimate the magnetic disturbance component associated to solar activity at middle latitudes. The determination of the magnetic disturbance component is especially relevant in cases of sporadic but explosive solar phenomena.

From the perspective of the actual user, the present invention constitutes an essential element in the risk management of the effects of solar activity on vulnerable technologies, both ground-based and satellite-based (electric power, rail transport, terrestrial and positioning navigation systems, radio and satellite communication systems ...), increasing the capacities of public administrations, civil protection and emergencies and the companies themselves, in order to prepare a successful strategy for adverse conditions related to the solar activity.

The group is looking for collaboration and/or commercial agreements with the Central Administration, Civil Protection, Critical Infrastructure, Electric Power companies, Rail Network, Oil pipelines companies, Gas Pipelines companies, Insurance firms, etc...

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

Description of the technology

The effects that the energetic particles, the electromagnetic radiation and the modification of the geomagnetic field produce in the terrestrial environment, are very varied and have very different time scales. They can directly affect health, or indirectly, through failures in technology that society uses daily, for example, in radio communications, terrestrial and positioning navigation systems, and even more in critical infrastructures such as electric power networks, rail transport or large pipelines carrying gas or fuel between countries.

The present invention describes a method and device capable of obtaining the local geomagnetic disturbance component at medium latitudes in real time and high precision (1 minute) by removing different components of undisturbed geomagnetic field, from the magnetic field measurement on the earth's surface (solving the problems existing in the prior state of the art).

The input measurements must offer at least the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field on the surface of the Earth and can be obtained directly from geomagnetic sensors properly calibrated and isolated from any artificial electromagnetic disturbance. It can also be obtained from data provided by real-time by the geomagnetic observatories via remote connections.

In the invention a day model in magnetic calm is described, at medium latitudes for the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field. The procedure implies the characterization of a day of magnetic calm or disturbed day by means of an evaluation of the goodness of the fit of the invented model to the measured data of the horizontal component of total magnetic field, once subtracted an auxiliary curve of tendency of the night values. The method can be implemented in the device to determine the local geomagnetic perturbation in real time.

Current development status

Working prototypes


Companies belonging to productive sectors that could be affected by the variations in the magnetic field due to the solar activity: Electric power companies, Railway Network, Telecommunications, Oil Pipelines, Gas Pipelines, ... It could also be of special interest to insurance companies. Public Administration, Civil Protection, Critical Infrastructures and Emergencies are also potential applicants for this technology.

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