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Intelligent sump pump controller

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Summary of the technology

This product measures water in the sump (tank) and controls up to two mains operated and one battery baked pump. This is intelligent and innovative device has many features that can be discussed under NDA.

New and innovative aspects

Intelligent device provide most efficient use of pumps by measuring level and inflow rate and reduces no of start stop cycles.

Main advantages of its use

Automatic testing of battery backed pump. Pump rotation and reduced start/stop cycles to increase life. 


Up to three sump pump controller,

Redundent level measurement

Optional Bluetooth/ Wifi connection

App based or cloud based control


  • Optimised control of sump

Intellectual property status

Owned and tested design

Current development status

Tested product prototypes, ready for manufacturing

Desired business relationship

Technology sale or OEM mfg partnertship

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  • Electronic circuits, components and equipment
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