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Rapid Gas-Phase Isotopic Labeling for Enhanced Detection of Protein Conformations

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Summary of the technology

Several prior-art techniques such as ion mobility spectrometry and gas-phase HDX measurements have been used for assessing the conformational properties of gaseous protein ions. Most of these approaches comprise the use of ion traps or ICR cells where a gas is introduced and the ions are incubated with the gas. However, such approaches are associated with potential limitations such as extended gas-phase labeling time, complex exchange kinetics, and comparatively low gas pressure. This novel approach enables a rapid gas-phase isotopic labeling of protein ions for enhanced detection of protein conformations.

Description of the technology

Value Proposition

The approach:

•Involves use of a curtain labeling technique wherein the protein ions are allowed to pass through a cloud of deuterated gas for labeling

•Allows for an effective control over gas-phase labeling time along with obtaining higher operational gas pressure as compared to conventional techniques

•Offers unique advantages and flexibility for analytical measurements over prior-art approaches

•Would be commercially useful for determination of protein stoichiometry along with architecturing of large functional protein assemblies

Intellectual Property status

Pending Utility Application 13/264,574

Pending Canada National Application 2,758,917

Pending European National Application 10765098.8

License status 

Available for license

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