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Narrow I.D. Monolithic Capillary Columns for High Efficiency Separation and High Sensitivity Analysis of Biomolecules

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Summary of the technology

Currently available liquid chromatography columns have an internal diameter (ID) ranging from 75-100 µm. As a result, such columns are not feasible to analyze the limited amount of samples such as a tumor biopsy, immune precipitated proteins and laser captured micro dissected cells. Moreover, it is observed that narrow bore columns (<50 µm ID) are difficult to pack due to high pressure requirements. This approach discloses a novel, narrow ID monolithic capillary columns for an efficient separation and analysis, overcoming most prior art limitations.

Description of the technology

Value Proposition

The column/method:

•Is highly cost effective, as it avoids use of expensive equipments such as high pressure pumps and special adapters

•Enables a high efficiency separation and a high sensitivity analysis of biomolecules as compared to conventional approaches

•Allows for analytes to have a higher electrospray ionization ability

•Completely avoids band broadening problems as observed with prior art approaches

•Minimizes the monolith structural irregularities as associated with capillaries narrower than 50 µm ID

•Has an extremely small internal diameter of ~25µm or less as compared to conventional columns

•Exhibits enhanced mass transfer properties with a low back pressure

•Exhibits an excellent column-column reproducibility as compared to conventional approaches

•Allows for the analysis of biomolecules as low as one attomole

•Would be commercially useful for the following applications:

o High mass sensitivity

o Single or multi-dimensional nano-LC analysis of biological or clinical samples

o Effective coupling to separation/analytical techniques such as ESI-MS, MALDI-MS

o Sample desalting prior to MS

Intellectual Property status

Pending Divisional Application 11/409,415

License status

Available for license

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