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Algorithm for User Activity Anticipation

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Summary of the technology

Algorithm for User Activity Anticipation
Project ID : 4-2007-38

Description of the technology

The Invention

The Algorithm for User Activity Anticipation is capable of anticipating the user’s next “click” with the mouse, therefore increasing the application’s efficiency.  This is especially useful in applications that require a great deal of use of the mouse, such as video games, word processors, CAD software and graphic programs. In such applications, cutting down on the response time is crucial, and will make the experience much more user friendly. As of today, no other technology has this capability.

Potential Applications

The Algorithm for User Activity Anticipation can be realized both as software and as hardware, according to the needs of the buyer. It can be integrated with any GUI based application. The invention is suitable for vendors that provide GUI applications and they can integrate the technology into their own.

The Need

The Algorithm for User Activity Anticipation can improve the experience of working with graphics programs such as AutoCAD, or video games, in which the inherent speed of such a technology can be highly advantageous with this new technology providing enhanced response time.


The Algorithm for User Activity Anticipation makes use of different parameters in the movement profile, especially Speed Accuracy. As the user nears the target object, movement becomes slower. The smaller the object is, the more “fine tuning” is needed at the end of the movement. Other heuristics are context based, following an expected series of actions. The user moves the mouse pointer over objects of different sizes. The computer offers the object to the user – continued movement means a rejection, and the computer will offer the user a different object. The method is capable of reaching every point on the screen, regardless of the layers and groups the objects that may be offered.


Granted US patent

Project manager

Oren Calfon
VP Business Development, ICT

Project researchers

Yehezkel Yeshurun
T.A.U Tel Aviv University, Exact Sciences
School of Mathematical Sciences

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