Solar trackers based on parallel kinematics for its integration into Smart Grids

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Summary of the technology

The technology involves a machine that supports solar modules (photovoltaic, thermal or hybrid) increasing significantly its energy efficiency.
The main feature of both solar trackers is its simplicity of the machine and its parallel kinematics working principle. Its structure provides a robust support and wider distribution of efforts and a great modularity. Thus, these systems adapt better to the geometric constraints for tilting and facing and restrictions of size and weight of the supporting structure.


New and innovative aspects

Technology comes to solve one of the main problems in the design of the solar tracker structure for buildings, which is related to the size required for the installation of the same weight. Usually these structures are characterized by complex mechanical frames that are generally designed for flat planes and large areas, but not for small and uneven spaces as a roof or covered with houses and buildings.

In order to solve this problem, we have developed two technologies that are characterized by a robust support structure and a reduced volume that has greater modularity and distribution of efforts. Along with this, it is able to integrate geometric constraints (tilt and face of the covers), mechanical (size and weight of the structure) and economic (costless materials and simple drivers). Furthermore, the kinematics for the solar tracker of the invention is applicable to any system requiring track with two degrees of freedom.

Main advantages of its use

This type of system increases the energy efficiency of modules to fixed systems, as the proposed technology can be adapted to surfaces tilted or with small area. Moreover, they can be oriented according to the geographical position of the building and overcome physical restrictions. Its manufacture does not require a high cost.


Solar trackers are designed in a modular philosophy and are based on parallel kinematics. One model is driving in line and the other supports single drive (see drawings). They have a fixed support and a movable platform which supports the solar modules. The movable platform is supported by four rods of defined length that also allows to track the sun. Other features in both technologies are:

  • Degreees of freedom: 2-axis, horizontal and vertical.
  • Energy power: It is estimated that the two axis sun tracking could increase the energy generation by between 24% and 26% compared to a fixed system.
  • Adaptability: Adaptable to any form of panels.
  • Design: sun trackers can be optimized for particular projects, taking into account the physical characteristics of the installation site, either in homes or in solar parks.


Solar tracking technologies are applied to the field of solar thermal and photovoltaic. These applications focus on two sectors with different dynamics: construction (power generation for domestic use) and large solar power plants that generate energy on a large scale basis frame.

Intellectual property status

Protected by patents P200901628 and P200901629.

Current development status


Desired business relationship

Trade Agreement, License Agreement, Technical cooperation: further development, Technical Cooperation: testing of new applications; Technical Cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

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