Team Analytics (TA): a web application that can predict potential future conflict within a team

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Summary of the technology

TA is an innovative and user friendly tool that provide clients three main combined characteristics for the first time:

1) Predicting conflict
2) A very fast diagnosis of teams
3) Accurate results with non-invasive tests

Description of the technology

Team Analytics is a web application that can predict potential future conflict within a team. Using social network analysis, this instrument identifies which connections are at risk of becoming conflictive and the degree of that conflict. The results obtained from the application allow an assessment of the level of conflict within a team and can help in the design of conflict mitigating strategies through the identification of high risk interactions and of suitable candidates for an intervention.


The tool works in the following way: 1)the TA administrator introduces the data of the users (team members and team leader ) in the application. 2)TA sends automatically to all users the same cross evaluation survey and collects the data from the answers. 3)TA reports to the administrator the results for each team. These results provide a report easy to understand that contains the following sections: i.the network of each team and the probability of potential conflicts, ii.the scores for each link of the network, iii.the list of the candidates who are more prone to generate conflict and iv.the list of the candidates who are more suitable to mediate the conflict.

Main advantages of its use

  • TA is a scientifically validated tool with a user frendly interface. It is the first and unique tool in the market able to offer quantitative and accurate prediction of conflict. TA has been also optimized to minimize the data analisys and the input from the administartor. The main objective of TA is to improve the team climate and to obtain better team performance. For example, TA can be used by excutive or life coaches to support tailored interventional coaching sessions for teams working in many different fields (i.e excutive teams, ship or airplane crews, engineering teams, scientific teams, etc.)


  • Due to the model of conflict prediction is very accurate and predicts close to reality the team dynamics, the TA tool is a great instrument to not only diagnose conflict, but also to provide a platform for solutions. Therefore, the TA tool can be applied to any work team in order to improve its internal dynamics and consequently its performance. TA is appropiate either for companies of all sizes interested in the improvement of team management.

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