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Assistive products for people with disabilities.

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Summary of the technology

The research group GEINTRA UAH offers assistive products, especially for communication, aimed at people with different type and degree of disabilities, mainly people with mobility problems, but also hearing and vision difficulties, with high flexibility and diversity of forms access. The group is looking for companies working in IT sector to achieve commercial agreement with technical assistance.

New and innovative aspects

The applications implemented are very flexible and they allow its adaptation to the needs and preferences of people with different abilities.

Main advantages of its use

This techology is mainly headed to the final users, and can be used to help them to integrate the workplace


GEINTRA has collaborated in the development and design of various assistive products for persons with disabilities, which have been implemented in the market, including for example, a text editor for Windows for people with mobility problems. Its main characteristic is its access versatility and flexibility to allow the application to be adapted for very different users. The application allows writing with keyboard or exclusively with mouse or with scanning options controlled by one or two switches. To accelerate the writing velocity of those people using the scanning option, the system has modules for word prediction and flexible abbreviation expansion that propose the next words taking into account grammar rules and the topic on which the user is writing about. It also learns new words including them to its vocabulary. The scanning speed, size and color of the letters are configurable. Furthermore, people with visual and audition problems can use the system because it includes visual and auditive feedback for all the scanned actions or menu selections, of the written text, etc.

Other systems developed by the group are: computer games, virtual keyboards or graphic communicators, all of them oriented to switch users.

We have also implemented assistive guidance systems and systems for the management of points of interest for people with visual problems using Android platforms.


  • Aimed at people with different type and degree of disabilities, mainly people with mobility problems, but also hearing and vision difficulties, with high flexibility and diversity of forms access

Intellectual property status

Secret know how

Current development status

Development phase

Developed, available for demonstration

Already on the market

Desired business relationship

Commercial agreements with Information and Technologies companies. 

Related keywords

  • Archivistics/Documentation/Technical Documentation
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