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Intelligent Transport System for the optimzation of indoor shared resources: routes, communication channels and sensor networks.

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Summary of the technology

GEINTRA is a research group from the Electronics Department of the University of Alcala. The group offers solutions for route selection and digital control with adaptive sampling. It is an useful system for transport optimization and functionality of indoor mobile units. With competitive advantages such as travel time optimization, selective use of the wireless communication channel and energy cost reduction for sensors distributed in the environment. The group is looking for industrial automation companies to achieve technical cooperation agreements and licensing agreements.

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI
Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

New and innovative aspects

The route optimization techniques represent an improvement in execution times and they can be adapted to any changes in the environment from a priori planned route solutions.

Digital aperiodic sampling techniques, for motion control and the estimation of information from the sensor measurements, have a proven shared resources optimization compared to the classical solution of periodic sampling, such as the communication channel and the sensors network.

Main advantages of its use

The proposed technologies have a particular interest to large industrial environments where multiple transport units share resources coexists (paths, channels of communication and external sensors). Its application can reduce the execution times of journeys, decentralize control of mobile units, service charge and optimize the communication channel and minimize the consumption of sensor units networked.


The system has application for optimal routing techniques, with on-line adjustment along the path for the travel time optimization between two points. The solution avoids units’ breakdown and waiting times in an industrial environment with multiple transport units and alternative routes.

The system also has application of remote control digital techniques with adapting sample (sel-triggered) for the state of the communication channel. For path tracking transport in indoor units sampling, both independently and in several units formation (convoy).

The solution uses the implementation of sensing and estimation techniques for information only when it is required to optimize the units transport, improve both energy consumption and computational cost for the sensory modules distribution.

The proposed system manages access to the shared communications network by multiple transport units and the sensors location distributed by the industrial environment, reducing the effects of channel delays and packets losses.

The transport units are mobile robots, there are demonstrators available. 


  • Optimization and functionality of indoor mobile units

Intellectual property status

Developed, available for demonstration

Current development status

Secret know how

Desired business relationship

Industrial automation companies to achieve technical cooperation agreements and licensing agreements.

Related keywords

  • Automation, Robotics Control Systems
  • Remote Control
  • Network Technology, Network Security
  • SatelliteTechnology/Systems/Positioning/Communication in GPS - Global Positioning System
  • Applications for Transport and Logistics
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  • Mail and package shipment
  • Process control equipment and systems
  • Other electronics related equipment
  • intelligent transportation systems
  • indoor transport
  • routing optimization
  • self-triggered control
  • event-based state estimation
  • motion control remote
  • cooperative guidance
  • network monitoring system
  • wireless sensor network.

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