Automated control and supervision system for pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.

Summary of the technology

GEINTRA is a research group from the Department of Electronics of the University of Alcala. The group has developed a system which gives the opportunity to control and supervise the environments conditions for pharmaceutical products manufacture. GEINTRA is looking for companies working in Agrofood and Pharmaceutical sectors to achieve commercial agreements with technical assistance.

New and innovative aspects

The project is implemented on the latest technology available in industrial automation. Both programmable logic controllers employed and implanted communication buses constitute a novel solution. It enables the integration of manufacturing work, maintenance and quality control reliably.

Main advantages of its use

Automated control and supervision of an industrial manufacturing process improves the quality of products, allowing greater repeatability of the procedures and facilitating the work of supervision. All of this will increase production with significant cost savings. Likewise, the maintenance is simplified, reducing downtime and identification and replacement of damaged items.


Control and supervision of critical environmental variables in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, are done using programmable logic controllers and last generation industrial communication buses. These variables can include, among others, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity of each of the rooms of a manufacturing plant. This control is combined with the opening and closing information from all the factory doors.

In certain critical or sterile areas, it is possible to selectively lock the doors avoiding air flows to introduce impurities into the security zones.

Along with the control system, a monitoring system that reports graphically and in real time the state of all variables and rooms is included. This supervision subsystem allows the performance of operators for changing the target values, as well as, the modification of the exclusion zones depending on the particular manufacturing process carried out. Simultaneously, a continuous record of all variables and updates is performed for the analysis, reporting, and verification required by the quality control procedure.

Finally, the entire system can set an alarm module, which generates immediately warnings related to critical limits of the variables recorded


  • The opportunity to control and supervise the environments conditions for pharmaceutical products manufacture

Intellectual property status

Secret know how

Current development status

Already on the market

Desired business relationship

Commercial cooperation or licensing agreements with companies in the Agrofood and pharmaceutical sector. 

Related Keywords

  • Automation, Robotics Control Systems
  • Applications for Health
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