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Procedure to repair clustered roads in failure and ARP-Path/All-Path network bridge

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Summary of the technology

The research group GIST.Netserv from the Department of Automatic of Alcala University has developed a technology that describes mechanics, that are used in transparent bridges networks that has learning resources of origin addresses with the type known as All-path (also called Fastpath and ARP -Path), allow clustered repair of all roads used by a link when it fails, in such a way that a single broadcast frame informs the entire network to the list of destination address in failure and therefore it requires its way to be repaired. The group seeks companies in communications, computer and electronic sector to reach licensing agreements, collaboration and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

New and innovative aspects

The main innovative aspect of the patent is the clustered joint repair of all paths used by a link when it fails, which resolves the main limit scalability of the protocol.

Main advantages of its use

It is computationally less expensive because of:

- Dramatically reduce the burden of repair messages broadcast on the network and the processing at intermediate switches.

- Not required to distribute across all network (and process together bridges).

- The repair is performed in a jointly way by destination switch and not individually.


The main drawback of the path establishment protocols based on the instant scanning of the network, that are called Fast-Path, ARP-Path and generically All-Path, occurs when a link or bridge falls. If that happens when the link is going to be used it is necessary to individually repair each existing path, which requires to spread a frame across the entire network (and process it especially on the bridges).

One of the ways that requires to be repaired. This is a significant process load for the bridges especially when the number of simultaneous active connections on a link is very high, if the high-capacity links to 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps.

The present invention achieves a group repair in the paths in fault. This repair is done in a jointly and proactively way. When the failure in the link is detected, it is sent with the joint repair plot of all (or part of) the terminals directions (hosts) associated with the output port link when it failed.

By mean of a broadcast message to the management of common multicast group to all the All-Path bridges and with an All-Path protocol identifier. The message is forwarded to all bridges in the network and then processed in each of the All -Path bridges. That process is responded issuing an unicast message from each bridge border of the terminal (host) for the direction or directions to repair.

This message is directed with destiny the intermediate bridge that originated the broadcast message and connected to the link in failure. The message goes through each bridge and produces the learning in that bridge the terminal direction destination. Thus repairing the road to destiny.

This unicast message may be a special Unicast Path Reply message or a standard ARP Reply message.


  • Used in transparent bridges networks that has learning resources of origin addresses with the type known as All-path. 
  • Ethernet switches for data centres and computer networks in general, audio video bridges and other times transparent Ethernet bridge.
  • Communications sector and electronic devices and / or applications.

Related keywords

  • Automation, Robotics Control Systems
  • Computers
  • Communications services
  • Electronic Components
  • bridge’s protocol
  • routing
  • learning
  • ethernet
  • shortest path bridges
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  • first port learning bridges
  • inverse path forwarding

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