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Suspension containing gold or silver nanoparticles or a mixture thereof and a production method thereof

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Summary of the technology

The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of nanosilver and nanogold using an aqueous extract of dog rose, white grape and knotweed. Substances which were extracted from these plants act both as reducer of silver and gold ions and stabilizing agent of forming silver and gold nanodispersion, preventing them from agglomeration and inhibiting their growth, so that the resulting particle size does not exceed 100 nm.

Description of the technology

Nanosilver and nanogold are known thanks to their biocidal properties. Antimicrobial properties are appreciated especially in those areas of life where antisepsis is an important issue, e.g. in medicine, pharmacy, cosmetology, bioengineering, botany, construction industry, textile, food and others.


The proposed process was carried out basing on chemical reduction of silver and gold ions. In developed method, ellagic acid, gallic acid, ascorbic acid and a mixture of anthocyanins played the role of reducing agents, and the presence of mucus, biopolymers, peptide allows for effective stabilization of the resulting products. These substances may be naturally found in dog rose, white grapes, and knotweed raw materials. The active substances are obtained by aqueous extraction. The proposed method allows treat it as an environment-friendly way. Through selecting the adequate process parameters, it is possible to modify the shape and size of the nanoparticles, which enables full control over the physicochemical properties of the product.

Main advantages of its use

  • The proposed suspension is safe for humans and does not make any hazard to the environment and living organisms.


  • The product, whose recipe is based on plant extracts can be used mainly in cosmetic and sanitary chemistry, industries of textile, agriculture or packing materials for food etc.

Related keywords

  • Care, Hygiene, Beauty, Cosmetics
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  • dog rose
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